No.5 E-newsletter from Global Gender Vol. 3, No.1
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It’s a great pleasure to release the fifth issue of the APEC “Innovation for Women and Economic Development” project e-newsletter!!  E-newsletter Vol. 3, No.1.


As we are in the last phase of this project, this issue is being published a bit late in order to include more information about the project’s final meeting that was just held in September in Taipei. Please find a concise meeting minute in our “Briefing” section.


In the rest part of this issue, concepts of the game-based learning app are introduced, and a “9 Minute” application is presented as a case study to demonstrate the benefits of this new learning material. Furthermore, to reinforce the final meeting’s panel topic, “Investing in Women's Economic Empowerment through ICTs”, two relevant reports are offered as the “Editor’s Picks”, in which you can find information on the best practices for integrating gender aspects into social entrepreneurship and the importance of gender equality in the industrial revolution. Last but not least, the “Case Study” will provide a brief template on how “WE boss” can be incorporated into existing entrepreneurship training programs, which can serve as a reference for program designers using it in the future. 


Please feel free to contact us with your comments and ideas for this Newsletter. We would be happy to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Thank you.


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