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2014 APEC Conference: Utilizing ICTs to Empower Women Entrepreneurs

2014 APEC Conference: Utilizing ICTs to Empower Women Entrepreneurs


I. Background

Since the Multi-Year Project (also known as MYP) of “Innovation for Women and Economic Development: Facilitating Women’s Livelihood Development and Resilience with ICTs” was passed by APEC Budget and Management Committee (BMC) in June 2013, Chinese Taipei has launched a baseline inventory on the programs of “Using ICT tools to assist female to establish an enterprise or expand business operation” with partner economies, such as Chile, Republic of Korea, and the Philippines. The case interview and analysis of in-depth plan is being conducted. The first-year research results are expected to be presented in this conference, which aims to facilitate the sharing of case studies on how partner economies of our MYP and other organizations/companies use ICT innovations to develop women’s business opportunities. 

II. Date:  28-29 October 2014

III. Venue: NTUH International Convention Center, Taipei

IV. Host: Department of Gender Equality, Chinese Taipei, Department of Trade and Industry, the Philippines

V. Co-sponsor: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Economy, Chinese Taipei, Pan-Pacific & Southeast Asia Women’s Association, Enterprises Women’s Association R.O.C., The Federation of Business and Professional Women, Soroptimist International

VI. Organizer: Foundation for Women’s Rights Promotion and Development, Chinese Taipei

VII. Agenda (Tentative)

Tuesday, 28 October 2014  (Open to Public)

Day 1 Conference: Utilizing ICTs to Empower Women Entrepreneurs





Welcome Remarks

Yen Feng / Minister without Portfolio (Chinese Taipei)

Wang-Hsiang Hwang/ Deputy Minister,  National Development Council (Chinese Taipei)

Nora K. Terrado/ Undersecretary, the Department of Trade and Industry (the Philippines)


Group Photo

Keynote Speech


Moderator: Chun-Fang Hsu/Counsellor, Chinese National Federation of Industries (Chinese Taipei)


Keynote Speech I:

Inspiring & Nurturing a New Generation of Women Technopreneurs, The SPRING.PH Experience

Ito Gruet/ Co-founder, the Software Products Incubation Group of the Philippines (The Philippines)

Keynote Speech II:

Empowering Women in Business through ‘Online’ Training & Mentoring

Carol Hanlon/ CEO, Belmont BEC (Australia)


Coffee Break


Moderator: Chia-Li Wu/ Commissioner, Gender Equality Committee (Chinese Taipei)


Keynote Speech III:

ICT, women, and entrepreneurship: How user led innovation is changing the face of SME's in the developing world

Gwendolyn Floyd/ President & COO,  Soko (the United States)

Keynote Speech IV:

Women Entrepreneurs and Crowd Funding

Light Lin/ President, Flying V (Chinese Taipei)




Keynote Speech V:

Harnessing the Power of the Crowd

Maria Ressa/ CEO, Rappler (The Philippines)

Case Studies and Discussion  


Case Study I:

Presentations of MYP first-year research results by the Philippines and Republic of Korea

Moderator: Patricia May M. Abejo/ Director, Knowledge Management and Information Service, Department of Trade and Industry (The Philippines)


-          Chiqui Escareal-Go/ President, Training Master and Senior Consultant of Mansmith and Fielders, Inc. (The Philippines)

-          Kio Chung Kim/ President, Global Women's ICT Network (Republic of Korea)


Coffee Break


Case Study II:

Presentations of MYP first-year research results by Chile and Chinese Taipei

Moderator: Hope Ong/ Commissioner, Gender Equality Committee (Chinese Taipei)

Guest Speaker:

Women’s Business & Smart Technology, the Canadian Experience

-          Lorna Wright/ Director, Center of Global Enterprise, York University (Canada)


-          Olga Piazrro Stiepovic/Professor, School of Business, Del Desarrollo University (Chile)

-          Ching-Cheng Chang/ Research Fellow, the institute of Economics, Academia Sinica (Chinese Taipei)


Closing Remarks

Pi-Shia Huang/ Director General, Department of Gender Equality (Chinese Taipei)


Welcome Reception


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