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APEC Multi-year Project Innovation for Women and Economic Development(2013-2016)
Date:Sep 7-8, 2016

APEC Multi-year Project “Innovation for Women and Economic Development”, has been implemented by Chinese Taipei since 2013. It aims to determine “how to promote the economic involvement of women with technology and innovative IT tools”, where the objective has been universally recognized by both 2014 Leaders' Declaration and 2015 APEC Ministerial Meeting Joint Ministerial Statement.

By convening experts, entrepreneurs and officials from different economies for a structured series of recommendations, we hope to contribute to a better appreciation of how an aspiration for a more inclusive economic growth and development can be transposed into practical national strategies.

APEC recognized the benefits of ICT and related services on empowering women by creating an environment to participate in community-based activities, increasing business & employment opportunities and establishing business-enabling networks that address women’s needs.

By convening experts, entrepreneurs and officials for a structured series of recommendations, Innovation for Women and Economic Development Project identified that innovative learning has its potential to become the right approach that can be applied in helping women to conquer their difficulties and fulfill the ultimate goal of being economically empowered.

As a result, a conclusive meeting of this project will be held, aims to facilitate a better comprehension on how an aspiration for a more inclusive economic growth and development can be turned into practical internal strategies.

Further, to reaffirm the potential and importance of digital literacy of women’s active participation in the economy, a joint workshop with HRDWG CBN is arranged aiming to enhance women economic empowerment through quality growth with upskilling and capacity strengthening, benefit the region by facilitating physical, institutional and people-to-people connectivity, and advance the development of human capital and employability.

It could be a step fowards to explore an APEC-wide vision to address the innovative technologies for enhancing the participation of women in economic activities.






Meeting Materials

- Agenda

Program Book

- Presentation File

      I Opening Plenary Session:    

      II Conversation Keynote- Building Brides, Breaking Barriers:
          Joanne LenweaverLorna WrightPatrice BraunLynn Gray
      III Panel-Investing in Women's Economic Empowerment through ICTs: 
          Deborah YenNina Kao, Anne YangWei Shuan Chang
      IV Panel-The Best Practice of MYP:
          Hsiao Mei LinOlga Pizarro StiepovicRosario M. Gruet

- Meeting Minutes

For more information about the project, please visit APEC Multi-year Project

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