Taiwan Women's and Gender Organizations
The Society of Taiwan Women in Science and Technology  
Awakening Foundation  
BPW Taiwan  
ECPAT Taiwan  
Gender/ Sexuality Rights Association Taiwan  
Girl Scouts of Taiwan  
Legal Aid Foundation  
Mental Health Association Taiwan  
Modern Women's Foundation  
National Council of Women of Taiwan, R. O. C  
Parents Association for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities, Taiwan  
  Taiwan Association for Human Rights  
Taipei Women's Rescue Foundation  
Taiwanese Feminist Scholars Association  
Taiwan Gender Equity Education Association  
  Taiwan International Workers Association   
Taiwan LGBT Family Rights Advocacy  
Taiwan Nurses Association  
Taiwan Tongzhi Hotline Association  
Taiwan Women’s Film Association  
  Taiwan Women's Health  
The Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights   
The YWCA of Taiwan  
TransAsia Sisters Association, Taiwan  
Women's Federation for World Peace-Taiwan, R.O.C.
World Vision Taiwan  
Taiwan Centers and Institutes for Gender Studies
Graduate Institute for Gender Education at National Kaohsiung Normal University
Graduate School of Human Sexualities at ShuTe University
  Research Program on Gender and Society at National ChingHwa University
  Taiwan Institute of Economic Research: Chinese Taipei
Taiwan Research Institute
The Center for Gender and Women's Studies at National ChengKeng University
The Center for the Study of Sexualities at National Central University
International Bodies and Organizations
CEDAW Knowledge Resource
The NGO Committee on the Status of Women
Gray Panthers
SimplyHelp Foundation
Man Up
Women's National Commission UK
Global Voices (Gender issues)
MADRE (Demanding Rights, Resources and Results for Women Worldwide)
Women's Resource Centre
The World Economic Forum
UN Women
WUNRN: Women's UN Report Network
IWRAW Asia Pacific
UN-Gender Responsive Budgeting
WAVE: Women Against Violence Europe
Women's Environment and Development Organization
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