2018-2019 APEC GIFTS A+
Project Profile

Project title: APEC GIFTS A
+: Promoting Gender Inclusion in Smart Agriculture GIFTS: Gendered Innovation for Technology and Science
Proposing economy: Chinese Taipei
Con-sponsoring economics: Chile, Japan, Republic of Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Peru, The Philippines, Viet Nam


Women comprise around 49.5% of the agricultural labor force in Eastern and South Eastern Asia. Agriculture can be an important engine of growth. However,  the sector is underperforming because of that hinders women economic participation. In respond to 2018 APEC Priority, “Harnessing Inclusive Opportunities, Embracing the Digital Future.” and 2017 & 2016 APEC Leader’s Declaration, the project’s over-all goal is to promote use of gendered innovation approaches to boost innovation and development of agricultural science, technology, facilities and the environment as well as encourage women’s participation in inclusive and innovative green economy. Furthermore, the project would be carried out to enhance physical, institutional and people-to-people connectivity through innovative technology, cross generations and cross fields examples.

This project will provide GIFTS for APEC female farmers and member economies by organizing a seminar on Oct. 2018 in Taipei, in Sep. 2019 (location is uncertain) and developing a policy toolkit to better APEC sustainable and inclusive growth.

  • Identify the challenges female farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs faced in smart agriculture and explore opportunities in APEC region
  • Encourage women and  women-led MSMEs in the APEC region to participate in the field of inclusive and innovative agriculture
  • Promote gendered innovation in development of agricultural science and technology, facilities and the environment to help women remove barriers and increase their productivity in agriculture.
  • Promote the use of gendered innovation approaches to enhance women's participation in the digital and innovative green economy to promote sustainable, inclusive growth and food security in the APEC region.


1. 2019 Workshop on APEC GIFTS A+: Women Sparkling in Smart Agriculture
2. Policy toolkit 
3. Demonstration video 

  • Increased awareness and confidence of female farmers: The best practice  selection provides female farmers and relevant stakeholders a recommendation with linkages to economies’ experts. The participants may also gain awareness of the importance of inclusion in agriculture and be encouraged to engage in smart agriculture.
  • Participants from agriculture sectors will share experiences and exchange what they have learned from the brainstorming session in the seminar. It may shape their use of gendered innovation approaches in smart agriculture to improve their business opportunities. Moreover, participants may share and apply what they have learn in their own economies.
  • A trilingual (Chinese, English and Spanish) policy toolkit and a demonstration video will be provided for member economies for their political reference for promoting sustainable and inclusive growth
  • A cross-forum dialogue: To integrate diverse perspectives, the seminar will create an opportunity for different working groups to open a dialogue on women’s participation in smart agriculture. Speakers from two non-PPWE fora are the target.

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