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2024 East Asia Gender Equality Forum: Boosting Women’s Participation, Building Inclusive Society

2024 East Asia Gender Equality Forum: Boosting Women’s Participation, Building Inclusive Society
日期 Date:2024年5月22日(星期三)Wednesday, 22 May 2024


To consolidate women’s experiences and efforts of promoting diversity in public participation across East Asia, and to showcase women’s important roles in public affairs and social movements, the 2024 East Asia Gender Equality Forum invites civil society organizations from Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea to share their experiences and insights on three main topics: gender discrimination, the political participation of women and LGBTI+, and women’s active roles in social changes. This forum is expected to serve as a regional platform for open dialogues, through which the participants can be inspired and encouraged, learn from each other, and bring new insight back to their work, as well as build more inclusive societies. Highlights of the forum's content will be uploaded to this page in June 2024. Please stay tuned.



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